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:iconmorten-chan: is having a Christmas giveaway! Check out this journal… How fun! I hope I win something on the 17th - it's my birthday ^^

So for NYE i`m heading to Budapest, then travelling through Europe and finally going to England on a working holiday visa. I leave on Dec 26th, wish me luck :)

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So for NYE i`m heading to Budapest, then travelling through Europe and finally going to England on a working holiday visa. I leave on Dec 26th, wish me luck :)

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I should be doing uni work but instead i am entering contests! 

Entered into the nature contest by :iconkarahrobinson-art:… with my 'first day of spring' photo. 
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So my premium membership ran out :( so i'm entering this competition where i could win a new one! You should too it's simple!…
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Busy busy

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 2, 2013, 6:02 AM
So Uni is back and I don't have much time to be creative these days :( so I've decided to start another photo a day project. The last few times I've failed for various reasons so this time I'll try to stick it out. What's the point of having a fancy camera otherwise? Anyway on a side note I'm taking a trip this weekend so hopefully some pretty photos come out of that. Also I've been playing my new 3DS lately, new Mario and Pokemon mostly. Anyway, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter (I had to study)

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Sun Dec 16, 2012, 5:32 PM

So today is my birthday, I wont say how old i am but probably too old for Pokemon skin... oh well ^^ Anyway I'm back in Australia and unfortunatly can't take any photos because my camera lens is broken!! I have to buy a new one and a battery charger because I lost my old one somewhere... So today I'm off to have lunch with friends. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season :D

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Contests and such

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 6:22 PM
So recently I decided to start entering in some contests here on DA. I thought it might give me more motivation for my photography even though I'm just an amateur. I started out slow and found a few contests that were from groups I watched and then looked for some other that I might be able to enter. Not long later I was surprised to find I actually won one!! :iconabstract-and-surreal: held a contest for October… for which I entered She swallowed the spider to catch the fly by sharvani and won points as well as a premium membership which is awesome! (Also how I was able to use this cool skin on my journal). I was also luck enough to win the fall contest hosted by :iconuniquely-yours-photo: with Autumn in BC by sharvani uniquely-yours-photo.deviantar… which was also really amazing! As far as motivation goes this has really worked! I'm going to try to get out there and take a lot more photos (after exams) and enter them into contests :) Problem is most of the contests for photography are seasonal and from later this month I'll be back in Australia and in the wrong hemisphere for entering most contests :/ oh well.

Here are a few more of the contests I am currently entered in, and I encourage others to enter them too because if even amateurs like can win then anyone can :) Conversely, if you know any photography contests now or in the future let me know!

Galloping Goose by sharvani Entered into the "Autumn Effect" contest by :iconphotos-of-the-season: photos-of-the-season.deviantar…

Saxe point sunset by sharvani Entered into :iconlight-play: 's Nature Contest…

Thanks again to the team at Abstract-and-Surreal and Uniquely-Yours-Photo for these prizes and look forward to more entries in the future ~

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So my Japan adventure has ended, and while i am sad Canada is really exciting! I will still be posting many photos and videos from Japan though as i haven't had time to do this before :)
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"Hanami" is basically a picnic under the cherry blossoms with all your friends, snacks and some alcohol. It is a popular past time in Japan with foreigners and locals alike. Unfortunately this only lasts around 1 week in April, so I tried to make the most of it! I had visited Japan before this was my first experience with hanami and I must say it was really amazing. I was a little surprised as cherry blossom flowers are often depicted as pink fluffy flowers, when in reality most are actually more of a white colour. However I was not disappointed in the experience at all. Sitting on a blue mat watching the breeze blow tiny petals into my ume shu (plum alcohol), listening to the guy next to me strum at his guitar and just generally relaxing was something I would love to do again some day. Crashing your swan boat into couples trying to have a romantic moment in a row boat is also quite amusing.  Public drinking is also rather amusing, I really like having picnics, we need to do this more often. Also watching someone fall onto a group of random strangers while trying to put on their shoes was rather hilarious. Ahhh, 帰りたくないよ! Enjoy the photos! One day I will edit them on photoshop…maybe.

For thoes of you interested about my life in Tokyo, or awesome Japan stuff in general, here is my Tumblr with photos (usually different to deviant art ones)

I also post videos on youtube of cool stuff i see in Japan…

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This has been a really crazy year for me, it certainly wasn't how I planned but it worked out fine in the end. I have to say though, that I wouldn't have been able to get through it all if it wasn't for my amazing friends, new and old, that helped me.

The year started out alright, I was working at a night club in Adelaide saving up for my exchange trip to Japan. I wasn't working all that much so it gave me time to get ready, preparing documents with Centerlink etc. It was pretty annoying, I had to keep running back and fourth from uni to Centerlink and all other places to get it ready. It wasn't until March that things started to get crazy though. As you all know, the major earthquake and tsunami hit the east coast of Japan, which was roughly 3 days before I was supposed to fly there. It was probably a good thing I wasn't there to experience it, although the damage in Tokyo was minimal. I head off to Melbourne as planned to attend a friends wedding, which was amazing. After this I had decided I was still going to Tokyo, as it seemed at the time to be safe for me, not being aware of the nuclear consequences. So I jet off to Tokyo with my home university telling me I shouldn't. I managed to stay a whole 10 days before I was forced back home, and I wasn't too happy about it. I really needed the holiday, even if it was a short one, from Australia. I decided to return to Melbourne rather than Adelaide. It was too late for me to go back to uni for the semester as it had already started so I thought I would get a job. I was lucky enough to have amazing friends that let me stay with them while I was trying to find work. I was getting bored and I decided I wanted another trip overseas, somewhere close this time. Just as I was planning (around Easter) my housemate got pretty sick and had to go to hospital. I was thankful I she wasn't staying in the house with me at the time as I wouldn't have been able to drive her to the hospital.

Soon after I made plans to go to New Zealand on a kind of working holiday. There is a program called WWOOF where people volunteer to work on organic farms in exchange for food and lodging. I was excited to try this as I saw it as an opportunity to travel cheap, learn new things and have a different experience. I figured New Zealand was similar to Australia so this could be a fun way to do it. I was lucky to stay with some awesome people while I was there and did indeed learn many new things.  There were a lot of beautiful sights in NZ and I was excited to be able to eat many new foods too. Living on a farm was amazing, but I don't think I could do it full time. I travelled around NZ for a while, working and sightseeing. I also tried couch surfing which turned out quite well. People were very friendly and I got to go to a paint party too which was crazy fun. I spend the end of my trip in the south of NZ which was approaching winter and freezing! I never saw snow but damn, it was cold! Right before I left there was a volcano that erupted and a massive ash cloud filled the sky's stopping my flight for a few days. By this time I really decided I wanted to go home and work again but was kinda stuck. To make matters worse I found a lump in my breast, about 4cm, and had no connection to anyone as the internet was down and my housemate had left for a few days.  I freaked out a bit, since I had no body to talk to and there was nothing I could do until I returned home. In hindsight it was a good thing I found it while I was in New Zealand rather than in Japan.

When I returned home (to Melbourne) friends helped me out again by letting me stay with them. I moved into a different friend's house since my previous housemate was still kinda sick. The first order of things was to go to the doctor to sort out the lump. As it turned out it wasn't cancerous but I still had to see several specialists and have surgery in the end. I quickly got a job this time, needing to save up again before heading to japan in September. Once employed I found a new house with some more awesome people, a bit closer to the city. Over the next couple of months I worked hard and went to the doctors a lot, and right before I was scheduled to head back to Japan I had my surgery, strangely enough on the same day my brother had surgery for an accident at work. Everyone was fine and I had a week or so to organise myself to go back to Japan. I had been working a lot more than earlier in the year so I wasn't any where near as organised as I would've liked to be.  I was really quite lucky to have such awesome people supporting me through everything there.

Finally I did come back to Japan and got to spend a month enjoying myself before I started university. I met some more people while staying in a hostel and ended up going on TV in Tokyo and then being able to go on a trip with these people to Nagano later on. Finally moving into the dorms, my home for the next year or so, I had a lot more adjusting to do before I would be settled. University here was very different back to home. Everyday I had to travel about 45mins to an hour to get to early morning classes 4 days a week (which I haaate!!). Then there's getting used to the style of things here, the food, the general lifestyle. While I thought things wouldn't be so difficult for me since I had previously spent a year in Japan it was not what I expected. Not bad exactly, just different. Eventually I did get used to it all, made more awesome friends, and really enjoying myself though.

So that more or less sums up my year. When I think about before the earth quake or living in Melbourne or NZ it seems like it was so long ago. I never would've thought all that would've happened in one year. But again, if it weren't for my amazing friends and family back in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney supporting me, my new friends I've made this year in Melbourne, NZ and Japan and universities and governments along the way helping me too, this year could've been a disaster. I'm really quite lucky and want to thank everyone again for being there for me. This year was really quite exciting; I just hope next year has a little less drama.

Happy new year everyone!


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Just got conformation, I'm heading back to Japan! I booked a ticket to Tokyo for March next year - starting as an exchange student in Meiji University in April. SO EXCITED!! March 15 can't come soon enough~
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I randomly started using deviantart again, after over a year :p University has been keeping me busy but since exams are over i thought i'd upload some things i've done since i was last on here.

I got a sewing machine recently so expect to see more sewn things :D
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After boys, drinks, work, study, a new tattoo and pericing, shopping, a broken suitcase, planes and alot of time , i am finally back in Australia after a year in Japan.

If somebody asked me to explain what it was like i wouldn't even know where to begin. It really was a fantastic experiance which i would reccomend to anyone who can handle being away from home for that long. But i am glad to be back, even if i dont have a house or a job >_< And i am looking forward to my next adventure, wherever it happens to be!

Alot of my stuff (including a few CD's with all my photos burned onto them) is still in Japan so i have to wait before i can upload things. But i am going to get back into craft (among other things) that i plan to upload to DA

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Wow i have been sooo busy latley! I have 2 jobs working 30-40 hours a week, (trying to) study Japanese and lisence and i just moved house! Weekends are the most busy (barley time to spend on myself) and any extra spare time is divded between caring for my new pet chicken, cooking, cleaning and tidying.

But i got Monday and Tuesday off this week (yaay) so i spent time with my friend Alex and his family. On Monday we ate and saw a movie and on Tuesday we went to Nago and saw the aquarium (which is the second biggest in the world) and some flower place. It was a fun day finished with Okonomiyaki for dinner ^^

I uploaded a few photos and might upload some more when i'm not so damn tired.
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I have been listening to alot of new music, mostly japanese, thanks to youtube! Everytime i find a band or singer i like i can just go down to the store and borrow the album then put it on my ipod. 300yen for an old album and 600 yen for a new one (which is like $3 and $6). I also have had the oppertunity to watch alot more anime, which is always fun.

Music i have decided i like:
LM.C, v-neu, ketchup mania, psyco le chemu, berry roll, L'Arc~en~Ciel (most of these bands have been around for a while and psyco le chemu is on permanent hiatus)

TV shows i liked:
ouran high school host club, Aishiteruze Baby, princess princess

Of course these are just the things i have watched/listened to recently. My fave visual kei is Miyavi ;) and fave live music is Roach.

As a side note, princess princess is really weird but i still like it, i am watching the live action now on crunchy roll and its even weirder than the anime haha.

So yeah if you feel like reccomending something to me please do :)

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"リーシャ好きだよ、でも 仕事とプライベートで時間がないんだよ…。 結構 忙しいのさ。 ゴメンね"

Sorry about the Japanese. Just needed to get something off my mind...I don't really like talking about it though. It's probably bad grammar, and sounds like a 14 year old's problems...oh well. There are other things i should be concentrating on right now.

And now for a little pimping! Please check out my new fave band Roach (apparently i am their groupie!) They are a local Okinawan band. If you like j-rock, please show them some love :) This is their PV for single scarlet… and their pv for 桃色の風 (pink/peach colored wind)… which is a slightly different style. ^_^
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This is my friend Tama's Band. I really like their music so if you are interested in j-rock please check it out. They are a local Okinawan band ^_^ yay! This is their new single scarlet…

Sorry for the pimping. But its only a few minutes of your time :)
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After going on my holiday to mainland Japan and the fact i am very lazy i managed to have over 700 unviewed deviations!!! And today i finally seen them all. I know i watch too many people, i just like to see pretty things :)

Anyway recently i went on another holiday with my friend from Tokyo to Miyako island (a small island part of Okinawa). It was really beautiful and i took some photos with my friends camera which i posted recently.

This week is really crap for me, i have to work 24/7 looking after the kids because both their parents are overseas!! Their Dad gets back on Thursday and i am getting heaps of money for it but still, because their parents arent here they are acting like brats :s

I doubt i will have time to submit much anytime soon as right now i am looking at getting my scooter lisence (because not having a car in Okinawa SUCKS!). I am going to start going to school in Naha soon and i need to look for a new job and new house. Hopefully i will have these things will be sorted by April :s. One good thing is i already got a job for the evenings at least, the owner of my boyfriends bar said he would give me a waitressing job there so i am looking forward to that. My current job ends in April but i will probably start working there Sat nights before that.

Its starting to get warm here now (Thank god! because of the move from Australia to Japan in September i have been in cold weather for almost a year :() I am looking forward to taking many beautiful photos of the beaches here, in the summer they look so pretty.

Have a good week!

p.s. will make a new dev id soon!
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happy new year everyone

i thought i would put a new journal up, i really should go on this site more...

I just got back from my holiday in mainland Japan. I went to Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Okayama. This was for my birthday, christmas and new years.

It was awesome!!! I love being able to say i spent my 21st in Tokyo!!
I had a fantastic Christmas eve. I was ice skating outside, it was full moon, there were stars, lights and music. It was so romantic. I have never done it outside before (it's summer this time of year in Australia too so it was really weird for me)

I got a new digital camera, it was cheap but really good. Then i lost it (so typical of me!!) anyway i will get a new one, again (i only had that one for like 2-3 weeks LOL). But sadly i lost alot of nice photos, and the chance to take alot of nice photos so i am really pissed off about that. However i have decided i want to stay in Japan so i know there will be more oppertunities. Still, i know there are some i wont be able to take again...*sigh*

I had a traditional Japanese new years. That was an interesting experiance. Thanks to my friend Yuki ^_^ such a cutie. Anyways next year i am going to party hard in Tokyo! I am glad i didnt do it this year because i got sick just before new years.

Well thats all for now. I am definatley uploading some photos from Tokyo and Fukuoka in the next few days. I want to do more craft stuff but its hard to find the time. So many ideas since i have been here (i should've written them down!!)

Have a good year all ~~
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Hey people!
I am now in Japan - yay! It is their Autumn now but it is so hot! At least i get to go swimming in their beautiful beaches.

Whenever i get my camera i will be able to upload many interesting pictures.

I am looking for someone to show me around Okinawa some time - i live in Yomitan son. So if you are near there let me know! I am especially looking for Japanese friends but if you are American that's cool too (there is an American air base here but i have a pass to get on)

That's all for now. Check out my blog for more in depth description of what i am doing and how i am going at

Jya ne!
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